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Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World

Here are the list of  top 10 coolest laptop that ever in the world. A laptop is a personal computer design for mobile use, small and light enough to sit on the person’s lap while in use. Most laptops are designed in the flip form factor to protect the screen and the keyboard when closed. Nowadays, everyone has a laptop as their personal computer. The advantage having a laptop that it easy to bring everywhere. Here are the list of the coolest laptop below.

10. The million dollars laptop

Luvaglio is a creator of luxury goods who are domiciled in the UK has created the first laptop with millions dollar coast. Complete details about the specifications of the laptop has not been released at this time, but had been known that he put 17″ for wide LED screen which special designed anti-reflective glare coating for a clear and bright picture. There are 128GB Solid State Disk and a slot loading Blue-Ray drive. There is an integrated cleaning screen device and a very rare colored diamonds which functions as the power button when it’s placed into a laptop, and also as security identification acts.

coolest laptop in the world million dollar laptop 179x300 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Million Dollar Laptop

9. Orkin’s Rolltop

Certainly Orkin’s rolltop will be one of item in the list of ‘must-haves’ of gadget lovers. Even if it is just a concept at the point of issuance. This “Notebook” comes with a flexible LED screen that also handles multitouch for those infatuated with the iPhone. When it fully opened, this notebook will be a 17″ flatscreen. But It also can be folded into 13″ tablets if required. Do not know if this notebook will be powered wireless feature or not.

coolest laptop in the world orkins rolltop 300x249 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Orkins Rolltop

8.Datamancer’s Steampunk laptop

It maybe looks like a Victorian music box but is actually inside Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 that given a carved wooden frame is able to operate Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. It provide features intricate clockworks under glass screen, engraved brass accents, claw feet, an antique copper keyboard and mouse, bearing arms, and adapted with the network card. The machines can be light by using antique key way to build a custom-ratcheting, and made from old clock parts.

coolest laptop in the world datamancer steampunk 225x300 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Datamancer Steampunk

7. Thinkpad Reserve Edition

When the IMB submits all of their laptop division to Lenovo, there are many fear that the Thinkpad design classic will lose direction, but with the design of the increase to most people will be impressed by this laptop concept.

coolest laptop in the world thinkpad reserve edition 300x278 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Thinkpad Reserve Edition

6.Girly laptop

Several girls wants an extra attention not only from men but also of gadgets and even a laptop that looks cool, like HP’s concept was created specifically for women. In every one of the design by Nikita Buyanov has a set itself specific to a special pampering and acknowledges that a girl has a lot of desire stylish, they looks classy, stylish, trendy and even provide additional productivity to your personality. Unfortunately, it still has not really produced. But if enough would show interest, maybe next year will be provides a different view of feminine models made just for women.

coolest laptop in the world girly laptop 300x260 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Girly Laptop

5.Ergonomic Dual screen Split keyboard Notebook

The extraordinary goods results of this laptop is not just that the keyboard is ‘split’ to provide more space for computer users to customize their hands, but it has a second LCD hidden underneath, a fantastic idea. The second screen works with the first screen – giving the user features “drag and send” to open windows or programs. It can independently act as a stylus – based input for recording, sketching, and other things that users are able to do to write into the interface. It makes EDSSKN tremendous is not only benefit to the writers and word processors, but also for the artists and designers.

coolest laptop in the world ergonomic laptop 300x210 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Ergonomic Laptop

4.Fujitsu’s DJ Laptop

Fujitsu ‘s DJ’s laptop, as it is called, has a 20-inch LCD screen easily folded closed key to activate the function of turntables, which can be accessed via touch-sensitive screen on the outside. The laptop lets you browse all of your favorite tracks are the same as vinyl-turntable.

coolest laptop in the world fujitsu dj laptop 300x196 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Fujitsu DJ Laptop

3. Canova’s Dual Screen Laptop

Dual Touch Screen Laptops from Canova is a very creative for notebook design. The features notebook is dual display with touch-sensitive screens, sketch pad, music score, graph paper, electronic pen and a special hardware for smooth functioning. Unfortunately, It is only sold in Italy and Australia.

coolest laptop in the world canova dual screen 300x203 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Canova Dual Screen

2.Type-N01 Emergency Laptop

NEC has been teamed up with Takara to create a laptop that mad scientist-approved machine, which is where all the token stickers, labels, and even wallpapers that make this device very similar to that seen in the laboratory of Duke Nukem movie. The notebook is a G-type L LaVielaptop, 15.4-inch screen. Flanking in the side is an indispensable key is “Emergency Button”, which is going to shutdown the engine when the unexpected intrusion. It is launched in 2006, made only 300 units and very confidential.

coolest laptop in the world emergency laptop 300x213 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Emergency Laptop

1.2015 Compenion Laptop

Felix Schmidberger designed a laptop for 2015 with OLED touch screen. Computer itself has a OLED touch-screen, where you can directly operate them. It is very similar to the UMPC or PDA. The entire screen is a slider, because it can be moved forward to open the second OLED touch-screen below, where you can have a keyboard or controls work, similar with two monitors setup.

coolest laptop in the world compenion laptop 300x199 Top 10 Coolest Laptop In The World
Compenion Laptop

There are many advantages in using laptop, as one of the advantages is that laptop can easy to bring everywhere we want to go. Besides that, laptop is an easier tool in technology that can easy the user in many things of necessary.


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