Monday, May 2, 2011

10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet

These 10 amazing animals below are not photoshoped or fake. They are real and living normal same as any healthy animal in Africa. Here`s 10 most amazing Hybrid animals on earth. Although they were born from a Laboratory, I believe they have same feeling like normal animal on this planet.


Hybrid animal 1 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Zebra + Equine= Zebroid

A zebroid is also called zebra mule or zebrule. This type ofzebra is a hybrid between Zebra and Equine. This animal have been engendered since 19th century and the idea of this hybrid was inspired by a rare species of zebra hinny/ donkra that was extinct since 1800s.

2. Liger

Hybrid animal 2 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Lion + Tiger =Liger

Liger came from the DNA of male Panthera leo (lion) and egg cell of a femalePanthera tigris (tiger). A liger is bigger than normal lion but not as big as a Siberian Tiger. Different from any normal lion, ligers love swimming. After liger, there is a Tigon. A tigon is the hybrid came from a male tiger and a female lion.

3. Beefalo

Hybrid animal 3 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
buffalo + cow = Beefalo

This is the result of combination between buffalo and cow. The name the Beefalo. This animal produce lower fat and lower cholesterol meat than other normal beef.A consumer who ate the meat said that the beefalo meat has a better flavor, milder, juicier and sweeter. I believe the price was abnormal too although I cannot find the info yet.


Hybrid animal 4 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Camel + Llama= Cama

When a Camel and llama seed mixed the result is Cama. This animal was born in 1995. Cama is hump-less and they have fluffy coat like a llama. Although they are not as big as camel,cama has same ability to survive in a dessert same asthe camel.

5. Leopon

Hybrid animal 5 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
leopard +female lion= Leopon

Leopon came from the mixing of a male leopard and female lion. The head is similar like a normal head of lion and the body is like a leopard. This animal showed for the first time in 1910, at Kolhapur India.

6. Savannah

Hybrid animal 6 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Domestic cats + Serval= Savannah

Savannah cat is an unusual cat that carries a character of a domestic cat and Serval.Savannah DNA were taken from exotic looking domestic cat genes such asEgyptian Mau, Oriental short hair and Serengeti.

7.Grizzly Polar

Hybrid animal 7 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Grizzly Polar

Grizzly polar or also named Grolar bear is a hybrid that did not come from any laboratory. In 2006, several hunters captureda strange-looking grizzly bear at the Bank island at the Canadian arctic. The DNA analysis approved that the strange bear came from different families and they were hybridized naturally.

8. Toast of Botswana

Hybrid animal 8 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Goat + Sheep= Toast of Botswana

Toast of Bostwana was found in 2000 and it came from the natural mating between a female goat and male sheep. The body like a sheep and the legs are like goat legs. The unusual thing of this animal is it has a strong libido. Some local people even called the hybrid a rapist. Although the hybrid is infertile, the owner decide to castrate the hybrid after he was 10 months old because it caused too many problems with other “normal goats”.

9. Blood parrot

Hybrid animal 9 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Blood parrot

TheBlood parrotor bloody parrot or bloody parrot fish is known since 1986 and it originally came from Taiwan. This hybrid cichlid was more like a failed hybrid. The fish has had an anatomical deformities on its mouth and that make them difficult to eat and killed them eventually.

10. Hybrid Pheasant

Hybrid animal 10 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals on our Planet
Golden pheasant+ female amherst pheasant =Hybrid Pheasant

Hybrid pheasant is our last Most amazing Hybrid animals and it came from the crossed of male golden pheasant and female Amherst pheasant. You can the result. The pheasant becomes the most different Pheasant all time.


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