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Most Luxurious Prisons in the World

Humans instituted prisons to educate unlawful people and to make them taste the reward of practicing wrongful conducts. However, the correctional institution has no standard. UN welcomes a country to institute stereotypes prison cells and at the same time, no one forbid them to institute a prison that is more trendy, chic, elegant, and exclusive . In this post, we are going to surf five most luxurious prison cells in the world. First, we are going to visit Santa Ana Jail in California.

5. Santa Ana Jail, California.

santa ana jail Most Luxurious Prisons in the World
Santa Ana Jail

Santa Ana jail is clean, environmentally friendly, and designed for low-level law breakers who afford to pay US$75-US$127 a day. The prison is never over populated and every room has a spacious room to rethink his/her wrongdoing accompanied by Laptops, iPods, comfortable bed, TV, magazine and nice food.

4. Otago Corrections Facility, South Otago

Otago Corrections Facility Most Luxurious Prisons in the World
Otago Corrections Facility
In Otago Correction facility, the prison chaplain rehabilitates his VIP prisoners with cozy cells warmed by under floor heater systems, flat screen TVs, one gymnasium, one library and various other indoor recreational facilities. The prison cell adopts five stars hotel service system, the law institution only serve 335 VIP prisoner max, and the building rises with US$218 million funding. It lies if they do not want to get return from their prisoners.

3. Halden Prison, Norway

luxurious Halden Prison norway 24 Most Luxurious Prisons in the World
Halden Prison norway
Halden Prison serves bad, worse, and the worst convicts in Norway but they are kind enough not to put all those prisoners inside muddy prison cells. While rehabilitates their 252 inmates, the prison indulges those criminals with jogging trails, sound systems, TVs, mini refrigerators, spacious cells, modern library, sofas, coffee bars even a separate 2-bedroom house to host the convicts families on certain occasions.

2. Austrian Five Star Prison

2. Austria Five Star Prison 12 Most Luxurious Prisons in the World
Austria Five Star Prison

In Leoben city of Austia we can find Leoben Justice centre that is known as one the gorgeous prison in the world. The complex covers courts, rooms for the judges and the prison cells itself. To luxuriate their inmates, Leoben Justice Centre management complete every prisoner cell with a TV and outside the cells, they baby their convicts with classy comforts. Being guilty never looked so shamed in here.

1. Al Capone’s Cell, Philadelphia

1. Al Capones Cell Philadelphia2 Most Luxurious Prisons in the World
Al Capone's Cell

Before met his destiny behind the Hell’s door, Al Capone tasted what was called a little fraction of Paradise in his cell for about 8 years. In his captivity at Eastern State Penitentiary, Al Capone enjoyed special menus and treatment from the prison guards since 1929. I guess all those prison guards knew the deadly consequences of making the villain mad.


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