Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 Deadliest Spiders in the World

Spiders are part of ecosystem chain and their existence is important to balance the number of insect and the quantity of food resources. Some spiders are born to be big and some are born to be venomous. From all poisonous spiders’ species around the world, we can find five of them on the following post. This is 5 deadliest Spiders in the world

5. The Red Back Spiders

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Red Black Spider
The home of Red Back Spider is in Australia and the female usually carries red and orange stripes mark on their back. Red Back Spider equips their fang with neurotoxic venom and it can drive muscle weakness, vomit, nausea or sweating once injected into our tissue. The minimum effect of the venom is temporal paralysis and the max is death.

4. The Funnel-Web Spiders

032011 1127 5DeadliestS2 5 Deadliest Spiders in the World
Funnel web spider
We can mark the male of funnel-web spider from the bright black and brown exoskeleton. When the Funnel-web Spider stand upright with their back legs and show up their tinny fang, you better away from it. Once the fangs penetrate your flesh, the neurotoxic venom will soon react and make you sweating, tears, and seizure.

3. The Brazilian Wandering Spiders

032011 1127 5DeadliestS3 5 Deadliest Spiders in the World
The Brazilian Wandering Spiders
The Brazilian Wandering Spiders wander around the forests in South America. The spider is aggressive and uneasy. The venom they stock behind their fang contain serotonin compound and it can cause extreme pain to the victim. The venom can cause death same as the aftereffect of drug overdose

2. The Brown Recluse Spiders

032011 1127 5DeadliestS4 5 Deadliest Spiders in the World
The Brown Recluse Spiders
A Brown Recluse Spider crawls with their violin-shaped back. The bite of the spider is not too painful but it can cause severe damage. Once the venom injected, it will cause small bump then rotting until finally paralysis

1. The Black Widow Spiders

032011 1127 5DeadliestS5 5 Deadliest Spiders in the World
The Black Widow Spiders
A Black Widow Spider homes around North America and it weaponize their2 fangs with powerful neurotoxic venom. Although their bite is pain-free, the aftereffect is very severe. It will cause abdominal and back pain, dysfunctional respiratory, cramped muscle, anxiety, hypertension and worst, death. It is not wrong that most of us believe that black widow spider is the deadliest spider in the world.


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