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9 Interesting Facts about China

Today, China is not the same as China we knew 60 years ago. China has changed to become one of the most prosperous nations in the world without following any democratic system that US eagerly disseminates around the globe. In this post, I like to sum up view interesting Fact about China. I hope you like it
1. Today’s China was founded after the end of World War II. Nationalists and communists had united to cast Japan away from their land. View years after that, a civil war sparked and communist fell the nationalist existence and Mao Zedong, as the leader of the communist party, took full control over PRC (People’s Republic of China) since than or at October 1st, 1949.

mao zedong 9 Interesting Facts about China
Mao Zedong
2 . China is still a nation with the biggest population in the world. The number of Chinese standing on the planet is over a 1, 3 billion so far. It is larger than the number of Indians and Americans

population map of china screen shot 9 Interesting Facts about China
Population Map in China

3. China is known as world’s industrious nation. The number of workforce is estimated over 800 million people and in 2009-2010 alone, those numbers of people had produced:
22,300,000,000,000 cigarettes
619, 2 million mobile phones from various brands
13, 2 million tons of Sugar
13, 8 million unit motors
59, 3 million fridges
67,6 million LCD TVs
4. Chinese made loads of goods and big percent of it is exported abroad. In 2009, China had exported US$ 28 billion valued of shoes, US$ 39, 6 billion valued of self phones and US$ 107, 1 valued of men, women, and children clothing. Some of the exported shoe, self phone and clothing are imitations.

made in china export tag 9 Interesting Facts about China
China Export

5. United States is the 2nd biggest country that welcomes Chinese goods. Every year, US pay $220,000,000,000 in exchange of all that goods
6. View interesting food facts in China:
More than 300,000,000 Chinese are farmers
China supplies 26% of world’s rice demand or estimated 193 million tons
In 2008, all people in China had eaten 130, 7 million tons of rice
Every year, around 300 million of turtles are taken from the habitat, killed, and served on a plate or bowl

China Rice 9 Interesting Facts about China
China rice

7. View interesting facts of China’s military:
-The number of Active army is 3, 4 million personnel and reserve army is 1, 2 million personnel
-China’s Military budget is the 2nd largest in the world after US
-China has 100-400 nuclear weapons and their ground forces are backed up with 7,500 battle tanks
-China has 2,024 aircrafts following Russia with 2,832 aircraft and US with 5,550 aircraft.

chinese military0305 9 Interesting Facts about China
chinese military

8. China is strictly punished corruptors, tax fraud, narcotics smugglers, arsonists, illegal fundraisers and counterfeiters. In 2008 alone, 72 percent of world’s executions took place in China. Most of them ended with bullet in their head

9 china law 9 Interesting Facts about China
China Law

9. Chinese mafia or Triad sits on the 2nd position of world’s largest number. Triad has more than 250,000 members while Russia has 100,000-500 thousand members. Following China, Yakuza from Japan sits on 3rd position with 86,000 members and than Italian Mafia called Cosa Nostra at 4th position with 4,000 members

china triad 9 Interesting Facts about China


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