Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World

For these 5 billionaires below, huge saving number on their saving account are not tickets to buy expensive yachts, expensive apartments, or latest Bugatti product or Maybach. They honor modest live, public services, charity programs and their old houses and cars. Here are 5 famous modest billionaires in the world. They give good sample for us and they know how not to be victim of expensive toys makers such as Stuart Hughes.

chart of rich 5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World

1. Warren Buffet

warren buffett 5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World
Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet’s fortune is estimated worth US$ 47 billion dollar. It is coming from his company Berkshire Hathaway, subsidiaries, and book selling. Instead of living on an Expensive mansion, Buffet is still living inside his modest house in Omaha, Nebraska, with his family which he had bought 50 years ago for US31.500. His favorite menu is a burger, potatoes fried and a cool cherry coke. To fuel his brain with ideas of billion dollars worth of fortune, he does not need a suite class room, million dollar ride or million dollar vacation inside million dollar yacht.

2. Carlos Slim

carlos slim 5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World
carlos slim
In the last view years, Carlos Slim has outranked Bill gates as World’s richest person. However, different from Bill, Carlos Slim lives in a simpler life. He doesn’t need to hire servants to clean his expensive apartments, he does not need to hire pilots to drive his jet, and he does not need to hire special engineers to maintain his yacht. Similar as Buffet, he lives inside a modest house that he bought 40 years ago.

3. Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad ikea 371119 340 219 5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World
Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of famous Sweden brand IKEA. His company not only helps people to save money on furnitures, appliances and accessorries but he also encourages his employees not to drive expensive cars of stays on an expensive hotels. To go abroad, he rides a business class plan and to reach his office he rides a bus or a Volvo 2400GL he bough 15 years ago.

4. Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney 5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World
Chuck Feeney
His motto is “live to work hard and is not to become rich”. He is an American-Ireland and the founder of Duty Free Shoppers. Instead of building expensive properties, Chuck Feeney prefers transferred some of his money to fund his charity program, Atlantic Philanthropies, and, a university where he studied, Cornell University. He is not prison his children inside golden cages with golden blings, he rides an economy class plane when he have to ride a plane, and he bought his shoes and clothes on retail stores.

5. Frederik Meijer

frederikMeijer 5 Famous Modest Billionaires in the World
frederik Meijer
Frederik Meijer is the founder of one of the biggest grocery stores in Midwest, the Meijer’s chain of grocery stores. His fortune is worth more than US$5 billion and half of them were collected in 2009 when most business owners hit by crisis. Following Buffer, Meijer lives on a modest life. He is not buying a new car until it broke, he lives on cheap motels when he traveling, and he spends most of his money for charity and social programs


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